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Our Work: Public realm

We have carried out public realm projects with partners such as other architects, practices, and community groups.  Public projects included retrofits, eco-pods, commercial, healthcare, community, and urban regeneration projects. I


Consultants for buildings that are sustainable, safe and inclusive

We work with local residents to improve the urban environment of buildings and places.


We were sustainability consultant for the Irish centre, Hammersmith, with Patrik Schumann, ecological consultant.

The revised design enabled better daylighting and natural ventilation to the community centre.  The entrance area was made more accessible and inclusive.

Ecologic's intervention and work, enabled another community in Olympia, West London to get a GP surgery, traffic flow and lower the height of proposed buildings

We have worked with resident groups to help them understand building safety, especially in light of the Building Safety Act.


Urban stitching

Ecological renovation of community centre in West London. In this listed building, reclaimed and eco-friendly materials were used. Solar pipes were used to bring daylight into the main stairwell and toilets.

Ecologic's sister charity, Charushila, has created a platform kitchen garden. Volunteers who helped with that project, helped to renovate an old library and turn it into a cinema and cafe. This is what Ecologic likes to see- 'urban stitching' using projects, participation and people.


Ecologic also designed medical rooms and a cricket pavilion for the same organisation in Taplow, Berkshire


Creating value in community open spaces

Bryant Court community project (with Charushila, Metropolitan Housing, Counterpoint Arts, Shoreditch Trust, Gareth Shiels, and Marcia Chandra).

The project involved a year of engagement with local residents, businesses and charities along with the Housing association who funded the project. A kitchen garden was created in the open space.  Local organisations donated equipment, a greenhouse, manure, and other things for the project which brought the residents together.


Seating was created with reclaimed brick pavers from the Chelsea Garden show, pottery from local pottery making and reclaimed stone.  Local people were trained in gardening, pottery making, stone carving and masonry work.



Birmingham, Coventry and London (Ocean Estate) as a consultant with PRP architects.

The work included community engagement with mostly minority communities, women and local businesses. Door to door surveys and open days created opportunities for people to give ideas and feedback.

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